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A big ‘thank you’ to Limaks for the professional manner in which they carried out the original work and additional subsequent works at our property. We hope to work with you again soon!

Damian Manager

We were pleased with your responsiveness, flexibility and quality approach towards our project. We will be recommending you in the future.

Chris Designer

Limaks carried out works at my property in Acton. My initial enquiry was handled promptly and I was talked through the project and told what to expect. The team itself was very professional, considerate, and courteous throughout the entire project and ready to answer any of my questions. I felt I could trust them 100% in terms of competence, effort, and security.

Tom Manager

Service Description

Planning and creating new developments requires a great deal of knowledge, experience, and attention to detail. From locating the site through applying for planning permissions to designing the place, a new build is a constant work in progress and as such it can throw up a lot of unforeseen problems. Thus, new development projects require a competent project manager on site constantly, evaluating the progress and preventing any potential problems.

At Limaks, we understand that time is money. Whether you would like to build your dream house or an investment property, we will make sure that your project is moving smoothly and that we are working towards your budget and needs.




New development offers you a chance to create your very own unique place. You have the control over its design, how many bedrooms it has, and what size it is.

Clear cost forecast

New builds are easier to plan and forecast in terms of costs, which means we can work towards your budget, while still making sure we meet your requirements.


It is easier to integrate latest methods and processes of energy efficiency into the design and build stages of a new development, making it truly eco-friendly.

New builds are by far the best solution for those who want the full control over the design, size, and location of their house. Property market may not always offer houses you like at the prices you can afford. Instead, new developments allow you to save money, protect yourself against negative equity, and create a house you desire as opposed to a place that has been built without your own input and your lifestyle in mind.

At Limaks, we can help you determine what your home needs are and which developments may suit you best. We can then suggest a design and layout for your property, depending on what you’d like inside.

Some of the services we offer are:

  • cost planning
  • choosing and identifying site
  • drawing plot-specific architectural plans
  • applying for planning permissions
  • designing the size of the property, layout, number of bedrooms and floors
  • installing innovative energy-efficient systems

Popular Questions

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Can I save money on a new-built house?

Yes, a properly planned, designed and executed new development project can save you up to 10-20% over the purchase of ready-built property of similar size. Some of the savings include cutting out the developer and paying stamp duty on the land purchase price only.

Will you help me with planning?

Yes, we will act as your agent throughout the entire project, which means we will liaise with the local planning authority, submit and monitor planning application for your property, and receive permissions.

Does the house come with a warranty?

Yes, in order to protect yourself and your new development you will be required to purchase a 10-year structural warranty. We will be happy to help you obtain the most appropriate warranty that covers all reasonable eventualities.

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