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A big ‘thank you’ to Limaks for the professional manner in which they carried out the original work and additional subsequent works at our property. We hope to work with you again soon!

Damian Manager

We were pleased with your responsiveness, flexibility and quality approach towards our project. We will be recommending you in the future.

Chris Designer

Limaks carried out works at my property in Acton. My initial enquiry was handled promptly and I was talked through the project and told what to expect. The team itself was very professional, considerate, and courteous throughout the entire project and ready to answer any of my questions. I felt I could trust them 100% in terms of competence, effort, and security.

Tom Manager

Service Description

Driven piles, known also as displacement piles, are by far the most versatile piling solution, providing maximum access in most difficult locations. A pile hydraulic hammer is used to drive the piles into the soil, either vertically or at an angle to the vertical. When the piles are driven into the granular soil, the displaced soil compacts around the sides, which leads to densification of the mass and increases the bearing capacity of the piles. In silty and cohesive soils poor drainage qualities don’t allow for densification of the soil around the pile, which leads to a decrease in the bearing capacity, and the pile design needs to allow for this.

At Limaks, our Grundomat driven piles offer both versatility and speed, providing an efficient and economic piling solution for most ground conditions. All our piling rigs are equipped with high-performance hammers, allowing piles to be installed to the required depth quickly and effectively.


Where to use

Off-site pre-fabrication

Driven piles can be pre-fabricated off-site to the required specifications, which guarantees efficient installation when on site.

High bearing capacity

Driven piles displace and compacts the adjacent soil, which leads to increased bearing capacity of the pile.


Driven piles can be fabricated to specific dimensions, resulting in the need for fewer piles. The installation also produces little spoil for disposal.

Driven piles are the most versatile deep-foundation solution available and they can be used for most ground conditions, including made ground, soft alluvial deposits, or contaminated soils. A vast range of joint sizes, piles and rigs types allows driven piles to be used for most structures, from housing through commercial and industrial buildings to civil engineering applications. Types of piles can be designed and chosen for individual job requirements, thereby minimising waste, speeding the installation up and improving cost-effectiveness.

Due to their versatility and suitability, driven piles provide a quick and easy form of deep-foundation solution.

Some of most common applications are:

  • Bridges and embankment support
  • Marine and heavy civil works
  • Power and transmission towers
  • Deep foundations for projects where the bearing capacity of the surface soils is not sufficient to support the imposed loads
  • Sound wall barriers and retaining walls

Popular Questions

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How much noise is generated by driven piles?

The main source of noise is the hydraulic hammer that drives piles in. The noise can reach over 110 dB within a radius of 2 to 3 m, and between 80 and 85 dB within a radius of 20 m.

Are driven piles environmentally-friendly?

Yes, the installation usually produces no spoils and therefore no exposure to contaminated or potentially hazardous materials. The site is left clean and ready for the next construction stage.

What if you start a job and find that the drilling conditions differ from what you have expected?

Our on-site team are experienced in all aspects of piling and should they find that the drilling conditions differ from what we’ve expected, we can build or modify equipment at a very short notice.

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